We started creating projected visual effects over a decade ago purely out of a love for Halloween, Christmas, visual effects, graphics, 3D projection mapping, sound design, and technology in general.  Everyone has seen amazing effects in movies, but bringing unique visual effects into the real word makes it possible to transform a space in unique ways, and truly engage the viewer.  The first effect shown publicly was a standing witch figure that was synchronized with a thunder/lightning effect so that she would transform into a ghoulish skeleton (we also used a projected background).  This was inspired by the wonderful Ghost Bride effect used at Disney's Haunted Mansion, and it worked remarkably well.

        As the years went by the effects got more advanced.  In 2012 we created a haunted portrait effect using 3D projection mapping techniques so that as elements changed in the portrait they would cast shadows on the raised frame, or actually appear to move out of the portrait onto the frame.  A ghostly "holographic" skeleton figure stood next to the portrait.


This effect required custom props and a fairly complicated setup with multiple projectors, however it occurred to us that it might be possible to make some of our standalone effects available to customers on the web.  We had seen some pretty nice effects from companies like AtmosFX, but none quite like ours.  It seemed that there could be a need for what we call "boutique" visual effects.  I.E. a curated selection of unique effects that are different from anything else out there.  That is what this site is all about, and while we are starting with a small subset of effects, we will be adding more over time.  We hope you find something you like here!


The ProjectionFX Team