Please read our support FAQ for answers to most question.



Q. What do I need to use one of the effects from your site?

A. You need either a media player or a computer with software that can play an MP4 file (i.e. Quicktime Player on the Mac or Windows Media Player on the PC).  You also need a projector and the necessary cables.  You could also play our effects on a TV if you wanted.  If you plan to project into a window from inside your home, you will need some rear projection material or other suitable surface.

Q. What kind of projector should I use?

A. Any decent quality projector will work.  We suggest using the brightest you can get so that your projection will appear vivid and sharp, and so that ambient light will have minimal effect.  A basic 3,000 lumen DLP projector will cover a lot of applications.

Q. What format are your videos provided in?

A. ProjectionFX.com files are encoded in the industry standard H.264 .mp4 format.

Q. I need a different format other than .mp4.  Can you provide one?

A. Due to the number of possible formats we can only provide .mp4.  You can convert our files into any format you need however by using one of the many free video conversion utilities available (VLC for example).

Q. I would like to loop my video using a dedicated media player, but there is a "flash" at the loop point.  What should I do?

A. While some media players are designed to loop seamlessly, many are not.  If you are using a media player that is not designed for seamless looping, you can always import our effect into a video editing program, repeat it several times in a row, and then export that as a new file.  That way any any glitch at the loop point will happen much less frequently and not be as noticeable.  This makes it possible to use relatively inexpensive media players.

If you are using a media player advertised as "seamless looping", and you still get a glitch, try changing your video output settings.  We have tested a number of different types, and it can sometimes takes some tweaking to get them to loop as advertised.  We prefer playing off of a computer to avoid issues like these, but that is not always possible and media players can be very convenient in terms of size, etc.

Order & Download Issues

Q. I was unable to download my product. What should I do?

A. You should have received an email invoice containing a download link.  You can also log into your account at ProjectionFX.com to download your files.  Download times naturally vary based on the speed of your connection.

Q. My checkout was interrupted and now I don't know if my order went through and if I was charged.  How can I find out?

A. To check your order status just log into your account and view your orders.  You will also be able to see any available downloads.

Q.  I am in a country other than the US or Canada and I can't seem to buy your products.  What gives??

A. Unfortunately due to burdensome tax laws on digital downloads in other countries, our products are currently only available in the US and Canada.


Q. How can I use your videos?

A. Please see our license page for the specifics.  In a nutshell you can use them for most personal, non-commercial, display purposes.  If you are interested in using our products commercially, say for a haunted attraction, storefront, etc., a commercial license is available.  Just contact us