The Fireplace - Digital Download

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There is nothing cozy or comforting about this fireplace.  In fact it conceals a dark secret.  A demonic presence lurks within yearning to be free, and it will manifest itself to anyone unlucky enough to be near.  This is simply an awesome Halloween projection effect, and three different files are included.  One looping file of the entire effect with the fireplace and demon, and then two files where the fireplace and demon sequence are separated.  This allows the use of triggered media players.  The fireplace can loop until the player is triggered, at which point the demon video can play.  Preview the effect below.

Product details:

  • Looping
  • 1080p High Definition
  • Stereo soundtrack
  • Extra files included for triggered media players.
  • Industry standard H.264 MP4 format for maximum compatibility
  • Digital download